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At Rainbow, we can offer you a full ventilation cleaning and maintenance service, to ensure your premises provide good quality air for your staff and visitors, helping to prevent "Sick Building Syndrome". We also supply Kitchen Grease Extraction, Deep Cleaning and Kitchen Duct Cleaning,

Legal Requirements

New insurance regulations stipulate that air ducting should be cleaned on a regular basis. If there is a fire, and clear evidence that the systems haven’t been maintained and cleaned, any fire claim may be repudiated.

Section 6 of the Health & Safety Executive at Work, approved code of practice 1992 states the following:-

  • Effective and suitable provision shall be made to ensure that every enclosed workplace is ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air.
  • The air which is introduced should, as far as possible, be free of any impurity which is likely to be offensive or cause ill health.
  • Ventilation systems must be checked and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that people/staff are breathing in good quality air. If not, their health may be at risk, and they may have a right to compensation if their illness is caused by indoor air pollution.
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Sick Building Syndrome

(SBS) is a recognised side effect of indoor, polluted air. Workers often complain of a variety of symptoms which may include:- headaches, fatigue, loss of concentration, eye and throat irritation, shortness of breath, skin rash, dry skin and itchy skin.

It typically occurs in large open-plan offices with automated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and invariably where the systems have not been maintained to a satisfactory standard. The results, apart from the possible court action, can be long term illness, staff shortages, and ultimately, major interruption for your business.

Besides the effect that it may have on your workforce, a dirty ventilation system is a trap for duct grime and grease etc. This is a severe fire risk.

In short, your ventilation systems need to be cleaned, by a reputable company for the following reasons: 

1. The concern of health for your staff and visitors
To comply with regulations
To reduce the risk of fire
To maintain the efficiency and reduce the running costs of your system

At Rainbow, we can offer you a full ventilation cleaning/maintenance service

Inspection and Scope

In the first instance we will carry out a full inspection your system, and advise you if it complies with regulations, in particular if you have the necessary Service Cleaning Hatches, and if the system has any faults. You will then be submitted with a quotation for required works.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Using skilled technicians, we will carry out any required maintenance on your system. The system will then be cleaned with our “State of the Art” cleaning equipment which includes Hepa filters.

Please note that we do not use scrapers and degreasers in our cleaning technique.  These are not effective and can be very time consuming.


On completion of the clean the whole system will be “fogged” with a patented Biocide. This product is “instant kill” and has a high residual effect.

Measuring grime and dust

Following the cleaning we will scientifically measure the remaining dust/grime, to ensure they are at the acceptable level for your system.

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